November 14, 2017 By Kurt Rohloff

In addition to becoming widely used in practice, homomorphic encryption is also in the process of being standardized.  Duality Technologies has been a leader in this effort, but we’ve had many brand-name partners in the effort who all see it in their interest to use standardized homomorphic encryption technologies, like the open-source PALISADE technologies that …

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October 16, 2017 By Kurt Rohloff

A challenge with prior attempts to commercialize and apply homomorphic encryption is that the output of computations on encrypted data is also encrypted, and the output can be decrypted only with the secret key of the data owner.  If the data owner wants to share the results of a computation, the data owner previously had …

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September 18, 2017 By Kurt Rohloff

Duality Technologies team members are both users and contributors to the PALISADE open-source lattice-encryption library.  PALISADE is a modular library that supports flexible customization and deployment of encrypted computing technology. PALISADE grew out of several R&D projects funded by the US Department of Defense to develop ground-breaking new encrypted computing technologies.   PALISADE has been used …

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January 23, 2017 By Kurt Rohloff
Homomorphic Encryption – Making it Real

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), commonly also referred to as Homomorphic Encryption, is arguably the first and primary breakthrough in theoretical computer science of the 21st century.  For a long time people would use encryption technologies to protect their data.  But if the data was encrypted, whoever holds the data is not really able to do …

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