Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers

The following is an interview with Nishant Bhajaria, privacy author and Director of Data Privacy Engineering at Uber. Answers have been edited slightly for clarity.  Kurt Rohloff, CTO of Duality: Would you just maybe say a few words about yourself, your background and what you’re trying to achieve in your book, Data Privacy: A Runbook […]

Encrypted Computing as a Protection from Kernel Vulnerabilities

Whenever a running program needs to do anything useful – such as write to a file or open a network connection – it has to temporarily hand control of the processor to the kernel to carry out the job. This mode switching between programs and the kernel are potentially time consuming. In order to be […]

Homomorphic Encryption Standardization

In addition to becoming widely used in practice, homomorphic encryption is also in the process of being standardized.  Duality Technologies has been a leader in this effort, but we’ve had many brand-name partners in the effort who all see it in their interest to use standardized homomorphic encryption technologies, like the open-source PALISADE technologies that […]