Live Webinar:

Taming the Regulatory Whirlwind

The key takeaways from 2023 regulatory changes, rulings, and statements and how to take a competitive advantage.

Wednesday, July 26th 2023 @ 10:00AM EDT


Taming the Regulatory Whirlwind: Data Privacy, Security, and Collaboration

Regulatory changes, rulings, and ICO guidance. What you need to know to ensure your competitive advantage.

We're just over halfway into 2023, and it has already been a year of massive shifts in the world of data protection and data privacy. From the reforms underway across a number of countries, to court rulings on data anonymization and data processing, to regulators like the ICO providing landmark guidance on privacy technologies, it seems like the rules around how data can be used (and how it must be protected) have never been in such flux.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Recent developments around data protection and data privacy legislation

  • How various regulators across jurisdictions and industries are responding

  • What's coming next

  • The best ways to get your organization ready, with which technologies, and where

Webinar Panelists

Join our panel discussion as they discuss recent developments on the intersection of data privacy law and technology, where regulation is headed, and how organizations across the public and private sectors can be best positioned to respond - or better yet, be ready.

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Linda Briceno
Head of Data Privacy and Ethics (UK & Europe), Santander UK
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Vivienne Artz Obe
Strategic leader, advocate, and expert on data, privacy, financial crime, and ED&I global issues
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James Clark
Partner; Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Security, DLA Piper UK LLP
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Ronen Cohen
VP Product Strategy and Regulatory; Duality Technologies, Inc.

Unlock Global Data Collaboration

Every data strategy needs a corpus of good data to have successful results. However, security, privacy, and governance requirements can slow down or even prevent using the data needed to drive innovation and growth. Duality's Secure Data Collaboration platform simplifies such hurdles and satisfies compliance by default to unlock the use of data no matter where it is or who has it. Spend less time figuring out how to work, and more time delivering value.

What You Should Know

PETS enable safe data sharing and allow organisations to make the best use of the personal data they hold, driving innovation.

John Edwards, Information Commissioner, ICO

When you open up the ability to work with data without looking at opens up many advancements and speeds up where the world goes

Tim Brown, CISO Solarwinds

In healthcare research, it is imperative to collaborate on data to derive robust conclusions about the effectiveness of treatments. Duality's solution facilitates privacy-preserving data sharing for the benefit of patients and the entire healthcare community.

Dr. Ravit Geva, Head, GIT Malignancies Center Head, Research and Innovation Unit, Deputy Director of Oncology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

[With Duality] instead of trying to figure out how to have multiple institutions be able to collaborate equitably, we just figure out how to do the statistics.

Dr. Alexander Gusev, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Endorsed by Regulators

ICO PETs Guide for UK GDPR

The ICO is "recommending organisations start using privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) to share people's personal information safely, securely and anonymously". To that end, Duality and the ICO jointly developed a case study to help demonstrate how to practically implement PETs under the framework of GDPR, and what objectives can be achieved.

The Overview

What is Secure Data Collaboration?

Read about the Duality Platform and how it solves challenges that will propel your data strategy to the next level by simplifying how we work with sensitive data.

Approved for GDPR

Accelerating Healthcare Research Under GDPR

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center partnered with Duality Technologies to unlock data collaboration across the UK and EU to accelerate real world evidence (RWE) studies.

Data Monetization

Why Risk Leaders are the New Growth Leaders

Our dependence on technology has evolved rapidly, but our general business structure has not. Listen to seasoned CISO Tim Brown, Solarwinds, and Risk Expert, Daniella Kafouris, Deloitte, discuss the changes they've seen to date, and the new technologies today that are changing the roles.


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