Our Solutions

We enable organizations in regulated industries
to leverage data across their ecosystem
to generate joint insights for better business.

Financial Services

Duality SecurePlus® enables financial institutions to collaborate on sensitive data across business lines, institutions, and jurisdictions while complying with financial and privacy regulations, so they can drive efficiency and growth.

Financial Crime
and Compliance


and EDD

Data Analysis


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences companies can collaborate across organizations and borders to improve their research, fight diseases more effectively, monetize data, and drive innovation, while complying with industry and privacy regulations.

Pipeline Dev


Rare Disease


Genetic Risk

Data & Insights Monetization

Privacy Compliance

Duality provides end-to-end protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during computations.
As a result, organizations can collaborate on the analysis of sensitive data with other parties while complying with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy and protection laws. This helps businesses mitigate the risk of data being exposed, enabling them to continue innovating with their stakeholders.



Data is the lifeblood of insurers, yet data privacy considerations make it difficult to leverage sensitive data to its full effect. With Duality, insurers can grow their business and cut costs by collaborating to fight fraud, price products, and monetize data while complying with regulations, preserving PII, and maintaining a competitive edge.

“We have partnered with Duality … in order to fulfill the promise
of privacy preservation in information sharing. This platform has the
potential to become one of the key tools for inter-bank collaborations.“

Vishal Gossain, VP Global Risk Management, Scotia

“Duality has the potential to address many of the challenges … involved
in the investigation of complex global cyber and financial crime cases,
whilst still complying with data privacy regulations.”

Steven Wilson, CEO Cyber Defence Alliance