Leverage data to effectively
fight financial crime

Securely collaborate across institutions,
business lines, and borders to speed processes,
cut false positives, lower operational costs –
and catch more criminals.

Duality’s privacy-preserving collaboration platform enables financial crime and
compliance teams to securely share information, enhancing their processes while complying with privacy and financial regulations.

Know Your Customer

Find out what other institutions,
business lines, or jurisdictions
already know about your new
customers, reducing friction and
streamlining onboarding decisions.

Transaction Monitoring

Automatically fill in information
gaps to triage alerts and enhance
risk scores, cutting down
on false positives and preventing
fraudulent transactions.


Augment existing data and
investigate faster by empowering
investigators to overcome dead-ends
and answer questions about transactions, entities, and accounts in seconds.

A complete view of customer activity means greater effectiveness

A typical financial institution may only see up to 25% of their customers’ activity. Cross-institutional, cross-border, and cross-product information sharing can provide organizations a full view of customer activity while significantly reducing the time and cost of their onboarding and investigation processes.

Duality SecurePlus® Query enables financial crime and compliance teams to query each others’ data and
generate insight without exposing sensitive personal or commercial information. Eliminating cumbersome manual
processes, the Duality solution introduces a new level of effectiveness in financial crime detection.

Get answers to questions
on account, entities, and flows
of funds in seconds

Enable cross-border collaboration
to reduce redundancy 

Mitigate risk and liability
by protecting data with
quantum-resistant encryption

Effectively fight financial crime
while complying with financial
and privacy regulations (including

Improve customer satisfaction,
lifetime value, and reduce
onboarding friction

Prevent losses and improve the
quality of regulatory reporting

How does it work?

“We have partnered with Duality … in order to fulfill the promise
of privacy preservation in information sharing. This platform has the
potential to become one of the key tools for inter-bank collaborations.“

Vishal Gossain, VP Global Risk Management, Scotia

“Duality has the potential to address many of the challenges … involved
in the investigation of complex global cyber and financial crime cases,
whilst still complying with data privacy regulations.”

Steven Wilson, CEO Cyber Defence Alliance