Enable Privacy Preserving Data Collaborations Across Your Entire Financial Ecosystem

Gain a Complete Picture of Risk, Transactions, and Clientele

Banks and financial institutions typically only have access to approximately 25% of the customer transaction history – leading to an incomplete financial picture, business losses, and countless obstacles to growth.


The Duality Platform enables financial institutions to expedite processes, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate risk by securely collaborating on sensitive data across financial institutions, partner ecosystems, and across borders – without violating privacy laws.

Use Cases

Augment data and accelerate investigations by creating higher quality, enriched suspicious activity reports (SAR) and law enforcement reports.

Securely collaborate across institutions and jurisdictions to speed processes, cut false positives, reduce operational costs, and mitigate risk.

Collectively fight fraud by securely collaborating across institutions, business lines, and borders to better detect, prevent, and investigate fraud.

Eliminate fraud in the trade finance ecosystem by enabling multiple lenders to be alerted when a funding request has already been financed – without revealing the identity of the entity making the request.

Cross-Border Data Sharing

Query and analyze customer financial data across borders without the need to transfer data outside of jurisdiction or exposing it to view beyond borders. Leverage data across borders, while staying compliant with international data transfer regulation.

Data Monetization

Create new revenue streams by monetizing internal data assets, without the risk of mishandling by third parties.  Securely leverage data, while protecting security and privacy. 

Credit Modeling

Build highly accurate credit risk models by leveraging sensitive creditor data in the cloud, without violating privacy laws or risking the security of the sensitive information being analyzed.


Collective Intelligence Gathering

Banks and financial institutions must join forces to create collective intelligence. Privacy concerns, competition, and data silos prevent these initiatives from getting off the ground.

Personalizing Pricing

Banks wanting to embrace the open banking model by offering personalized pricing and are blocked by regulation and privacy concerns which often seem insurmountable.


Secure Data Collaboration

Fully utilize each bank’s confidential data to fuel collective intelligence on KYC, risk, fraud, and more without the need to share or expose sensitive customer data.

Privacy Preserving Personalization

Leverage new data partnerships to gain a more comprehensive, accurate assessment of risk so they can offer personalized pricing and optimizing coverage plans for potential and current customers.

Case Study

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