Duality is rapidly growing its team.
We’re hiring exceptional candidates.

Ready to join world leaders?

Duality is a well-funded start-up in the space of privacy, data science and cryptography.

Founded by world-class innovators

Duality co-founders include two MIT professors with encryption schemes named after them, a Turing award winner who defined modern cryptography, a former RSA executive, a successful VC and the co-founder of the PALISADE open-source homomorphic encryption library.

Backed by industry leaders

Our Series A investment includes $16M from Intel Capital, Hearst Media and Team8, bringing Duality’s total funding to $19M.

Powered by exceptional talent

Our team is composed of strong subject matter experts who are renowned in their communities, approximately half of whom have PhDs.

Shaping the future of Secure Computing

Duality team members have leading roles in the HomomorphicEncryption.org Standards community.
As thought leaders and experts in privacy-enhancing technologies, we collaborate with regulators and policy-makers on data privacy and security issues.

We currently have multiple openings for:

The Duality team always welcomes employment queries from hands-on experts in lattice crypto, homomorphic encryption, cryptographic implementation or in related privacy technologies.
Please reach out to jobs@dualitytech.com