Researchers apply privacy-preserving AI to large-scale genomic studies

Researchers affiliated with Duality Technologies have published a study on applying a privacy-preserving AI technique — homomorphic encryption (HE) — to large-scale, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on genetic and phenotype data.

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Maintaining Public Health Should not Mean the Death of Privacy, Says Turing Award Winner

Computer scientist Shafi Goldwasser’s startup Duality Technologies develops a technology that allows authorities to monitor the spread of coronavirus and gain meaningful insights from encrypted data, without compromising the privacy of citizens

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Meet the woman who can protect your privacy in a world of hypertracing

As apps tracing Covid-19 spring up, there are fears for the safety of our private data. But Shafi Goldwasser may have the solution.

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Covid and Crime: Upping the Fight against Global Financial Crime in the Time of Corona

Crisis and the uncertainty and panic that accompany it often opens doors to criminality, inviting bad actors to prey upon our fears and anxieties.

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Private and Secure Data Use Across Collaborative Environments

In 2016, the co-founders of Duality Technologies recognized a growing need to protect big data analysis and processing.

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The tech that can track a pandemic without sacrificing privacy

Treating, testing, tracing: until an effective coronavirus vaccine is developed, governments around the world are deploying the three Ts as a way out of this crisis. Now anti-money laundering technology may provide a way to secure the last of these without mass infringement of privacy.

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Duality Rolls Out SecurePlus Query System To Augment Mobile Payments Security

The SecurePlus query system allows different businesses to query each others’ systems to gather data—which is vital for mobile payments operations among a host of others—without actually revealing any more data than is strictly necessary to carry out a function.

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Duality Technologies Launches SecurePlus Query, the First Privacy-Enhanced Query Engine for Data Collaboration

Duality Technologies, a leading provider of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs), announced today the launch of  SecurePlus Query,  a privacy-by-design query engine for data collaboration.

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The 10 Most Innovative Data Science Companies of 2020

Despite fears over privacy, data collection is only increasing. But Duality Technologies promises a new way of analyzing data while it is still encrypted, completely preserving the privacy and security of a data set while also helping businesses learn from its patterns.

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Homomorphic Encryption in Healthcare with Duality CTO Kurt Rohloff

With Duality’s technology, enterprises can securely collaborate applying advanced analyses and Artificial Intelligence to data while it is encrypted, generating insights without ever exposing the raw data.

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