Duality Technologies And NumFOCUS Partner To Develop Platform For Privacy-Preserving Analysis

Under the Collaboration, Duality Will Develop a Privacy-Preserving Research Framework Based on the Palisade Open-Source Homomorphic Encryption (HE) Library to Enable Academic Institutions and Public Agencies to Share Data and Evaluate the Effects of Grant-Making to Students

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DARPA Contracts with Duality Technologies to Develop Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for COVID-19 Research

Duality Technologies announced that it has contracted with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a privacy-preserving Machine Learning (ML) capability that can train models on encrypted data from multiple sources.

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Duality Technologies Announces Advisory Board

Duality Technologies, a leading provider of Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) enabling privacy-preserving data sharing and collaboration, announced the formation of its advisory board

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Three Privacy-Enhancing Techniques That Can Bolster the COVID-19 Response

New privacy-enhancing techniques like homomorphic encryption, federated learning, and differential privacy can help us use data for the greater good without sacrificing individual data rights.

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Homomorphic Encryption Might Hold Key to Fast, Large-Scale GWAS

A startup maker of data-encryption technology believes it has the answer to the security problem that has hampered researchers looking to perform massive genome-wide association studies with datasets from disparate sources, even when the records are located in different countries.

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How Privacy-Enhanced Technologies Can Make Financial Crime Compliance More Effective

Financial institutions are investing substantial resources in combating money laundering and other forms of financial crime.

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How privacy enhancing technologies can help COVID-19 tracing efforts

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) can strike a balance between public health and privacy by enabling privacy-enhanced information sharing without exposing individuals’ private data.

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Researchers apply privacy-preserving AI to large-scale genomic studies

Researchers affiliated with Duality Technologies have published a study on applying a privacy-preserving AI technique — homomorphic encryption (HE) — to large-scale, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on genetic and phenotype data.

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Maintaining Public Health Should not Mean the Death of Privacy, Says Turing Award Winner

Computer scientist Shafi Goldwasser’s startup Duality Technologies develops a technology that allows authorities to monitor the spread of coronavirus and gain meaningful insights from encrypted data, without compromising the privacy of citizens

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Meet the woman who can protect your privacy in a world of hypertracing

As apps tracing Covid-19 spring up, there are fears for the safety of our private data. But Shafi Goldwasser may have the solution.

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