Samsung SDS and Duality Technologies Convene Industry Leaders to Advance Privacy Standards

Samsung SDS and Duality Technologies convened AI research and industry leaders last week at the Microsoft campus in Redmond for a workshop focused on advancing standards for Homomorphic Encryption (HE).

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N.J.-based Duality Technologies raises $16M from Intel Capital, others

Duality Technologies was founded about three years ago on the premise that data privacy would become increasingly important for individuals, companies and public organizations.

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Data Privacy: Top Trends to Watch in 2020

Data privacy is an increasing concern for companies and individuals. Techrepublic discussed with Duality’s Rina Shainski what’s on the landscape for 2020.

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Tech, Media & Telecom Roundup: Market Talk

Shafi Goldwasser, chief scientist at Duality Technologies who is the 2012 recipient of the Turing Award, told The Wall Street Journal that new cryptography advances allow sharing of sensitive data without fear of theft or other privacy violations.

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Online Privacy Is Still Possible

Online privacy is a right and not a privilege in the digital age despite the onslaught of app developers trying to erode that privacy, says Shafi Goldwasser, Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Duality.

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Duality Technologies Raises 16 Million From Intel Capital And Others

Big data startup Duality that’s commercializing groundbreaking privacy-enhancing technology received $16 million in funding from Intel Capital with participation from Hearst Ventures.

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AI has a privacy problem, but these techniques could fix it

Duality Technologies, which recently attracted funding from one of Intel’s venture capital arms, pitches its homomorphic encryption platform as a privacy-preserving solution for “numerous” enterprises, particularly those in regulated industries.

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141 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

“Enterprises have to share information about suspects and threats, but there are major barriers to such sharing, such as data privacy regulations and confidentiality. Using Privacy-Enhanced Technologies such as homomorphic encryption…

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For Banks, Data Privacy and Anti-Money Laundering Don’t Have to Be Incompatible

Every year, terrorists, drug lords, human traffickers, and other assorted criminals launder some $1.6 trillion in illicit funds across the globe. New advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning promise to help banks rapidly identify and thwart illicit transactions…

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Intel Capital Invests In Innovation To Improve Cybersecurity For Everyone

Duality Technologies is a leading provider of privacy-enhancing data science solutions based on homomorphic encryption.

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