Quantum computing: the new moonshot in the cyber space race

In 2016, China launched Micius, the world’s first quantum communications-enabled satellite. For some, that launch may have eerily echoed the launch of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite in 1957, which caught the United States off guard and spurred a decades-long contest to regain and maintain global technological and military supremacy.

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‘Holy Grail’ of Encryption Could Be a Game-Changer for AI

Homomorphic encryption has often been referred to as the Holy Grail of encryption, since it allows computations to be carried out on encrypted data, without needing to decrypt it first.

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As homomorphic encryption gains steam, experts search for standards

The latest step in homomorphic encryption’s decade-long journey from dream to adoption was a standards meeting over the weekend of representatives from Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Duality Technologies, along with academics from around the world.

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Intel, Microsoft Research and Duality Technologies Convene AI Community for Privacy Standards

Intel, Microsoft Research and Duality Technologies are bringing nearly 100 security, privacy and artificial intelligence (AI) community members together to create standards for homomorphic encryption.

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This Tech Startup May Have Figured Out How to Solve the Data Privacy Problem

Duality’s solution? Homomorphic encryption. And some Big Tech companies are already interested in it.

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Innovations in Data Security

Duality lets organizations collaborate on data science without sharing the actual data or data models. They accomplish this with homomorphic encryption, which allows data to remain encrypted across the entire sharing and analysis cycle.

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Duality to join Advisory Board of Privacy Tech Alliance

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Israel Tech Policy Institute launch the Privacy Tech Alliance at a time when the privacy tech market has taken a great leap forward.

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Duality: An escrow agent for secure data collaboration

Let’s say you are a lender assessing the creditworthiness of a customer for a loan. Today, you typically send that customer’s private data (PII) over to a credit bureau, where they would run their own algorithms to provide a score, or detect a fraud attempt. That used to be an acceptable data exchange…

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Navigating the AI hype in security

Security is finally becoming data oriented with the advent of GDPR and data lifecycle management.

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Why Encryption Holds the Secret to Data Security

In this age of big data, enterprises collect more types of valuable data via more channels than ever before.

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