Duality + Intel

Optimized Data Science and AI applications for privacy preserving data collaboration

The partnership leverages Duality’s world-leading expertise in privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) and data science, and Intel’s leadership in hardware platforms to enable enterprise customers to extract value from their sensitive data through collaboration – while simultaneously preserving the privacy and confidentiality of any sensitive  information and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Together, Duality and Intel provide integrated turnkey software and hardware solutions that accelerate the performance  of privacy preserving computations in any environment that uses Intel Xeon products.


“The need for actionable big data insights has never been greater. With 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processors, Duality […] applications can simultaneously address privacy, security, confidentiality and scalability challenges in a manner which can benefit organizations across many industries.”

Jeremy Rader
General Manager of Enterprise Strategy & Solutions, Data Platforms Group

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