Duality Technologies and Intel have partnered to deliver optimized Data Science and AI applications for privacy-enhanced data collaboration. Using Intel’s latest platforms, we have accelerated commercially relevant Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) workloads on Duality SecurePlus® products by an order of magnitude. The partnership leverages Duality’s world-leading expertise in FHE and Intel’s leadership in hardware platforms […]


DARPA Contracts with Duality Technologies to Develop Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for COVID-19 Research. Duality Technologies partners with Harvard Medical School and Two Six Labs to accelerate privacy-preserving, collaborative machine learning protected through Homomorphic Encryption. This capability supports research into COVID-19 susceptibility while keeping patient data private and secure.


Duality and Oracle Financial Services have partnered to deliver the industry’s first privacy-protected collaboration solution for AML/CTF, allowing financial crime and compliance teams to seamlessly enrich their AML programs with external intelligence – while preserving privacy, security, and regulatory compliance. Our integrated solution offers prepackaged, privacy-protected queries and data models to facilitate secure collaboration across […]