Analytics & Machine Learning

Leverage collaborative machine learning to improve model prediction and accuracy.
The Duality Analytics and Machine Learning engine enables organizations to access additional sensitive data to train machine learning models or run inference on decentralized data without revealing sensitive information, PII, or IP.

With Duality, organizations across industries can utilize a range of data science, statistical, and machine learning models while ensuring privacy throughout the analytics lifecycle. Companies can choose to work with encrypted data or encrypted models, run analytics or train and fine-tune models, and easily configure and control which data and models are used. This ensures that every party remains in control of their owned assets, regardless of the environment in which they are computing.


Secure Model Training and Inference ​

Support the most popular frameworks such as Linear, Logistic, XGboost, CNN and more.

Data Pre-Processing

Apply pre-processing script or transformation to prepare the data to perform model training, inference or any statistical computations.

Statistical Computation

Extensive set of secured statistical computations such as cross tabulation, anomaly detection, Kaplan-Meier, log rank and more.


Ensure full control on your data, decide who accesses the data, which computations will run, at what frequency, and more.

Private Set Intersection and Entity Resolution

Link datasets based on a unique ID/PII or based on multiple quasi-ID/PII parameters (e.g., name, address, date of birth…).

Fuzzy Matching

Improve accuracy and matches rate through dedicated algorithm for fuzzy matching of Names, Addresses, or common algorithm like SOUNDEX.

Use Cases

Model Training, Testing and Validation

Improve AI/ML model performance by training, tuning and validating AI and ML models on encrypted data.

Cross-Border Data Analysis

Optimize efficiency by working collaboratively across borders while meeting data privacy and residency requirements.

Medical Multi-Center Studies

Analyze sensitive medical data across centers to gain deeper insights to speed research and discovery.

Data Enrichment
and Analysis

Access new high-value data sets in a privacy-protected and compliant manner.

Secure Transitioning
to the Cloud

Protect sensitive data and models while transitioning AI workloads to the cloud.

Third-Party Analytics

Apply third-party analytics and ML models to your sensitive data without exposing it.

and Personalization

Deliver personalized customer experiences and upsell with partners while preserving privacy.


Create new revenue sources from sensitive data while preserving privacy and regulatory compliance.

Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.

Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.