Real-World Evidence: Driving Secure Collaboration in Healthcare with PETs

Today, healthcare data is more important than ever – and so is keeping patient privacy intact. How do we solve the conflict between the need for better predictions, insights, and analysis on the wealth of Real-World healthcare data and the need to keep patient data private? In this brief talk, Dr. Alon Kaufman, CEO and co-founder of Duality Technologies, dives into how Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) are allowing companies to use Real-World Evidence (RWE) to produce better treatments and prevention tactics.

The Evolution of Information Sharing in Countering Finance Crime

In this Osterman Research supported webinar, Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, leads a discussion with Duality’s Vice President of Strategy, Ronen Cohen, and Head of the FFIS, Nick J. Maxwell on how their roles are helping financial institutions navigating the path to successfully leveraging regulations and technology to improve data sharing.

The Data Driven Enterprise, Moving to Privacy Enhanced Data Orchestration

Join Duality CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Alon Kaufman, to discuss the role that science is taking in privacy enabled data collaboration, the varied PETs that organizations are leaning on, and how to unleash the value of your sensitive data by adopting a privacy enhanced data collaboration strategy.

Increase Data Insights with Actionable Outcomes

In this hands-on technical webinar, you will navigate the data sharing landscape and drive alongside two of our most experienced solution architects to understand how they initiate a Duality PoC and the challenges that they commonly uncover.

Extracting Value from your Data Capitalize on Insights not Privacy

In today’s fragmented data sharing landscape, which is riddled with policy and regulations, it’s time to empower organizations to extract value from their data, capitalize on the insights it drives, and evolve their overall data collaboration ability all while protecting the most sensitive information contained within their data.

Privacy Protection in Cross-Border Information Sharing

For this fireside chat, we invited privacy and compliance experts across law firms, leading banks and the FFIS think tank to discuss the business potential and regulatory challenges associated with cross-border data transfers, and present emerging technology solutions that can help institutions mitigate compliance risks.

PALISADE Webinar #8 B – WebAssembly and JavaScript Applications

Muhammad Ismail and Ted Brownlow, core contributors to the JavaScript (web assembly) port of the PALISADE homomorphic encryption library, discuss the technical capabilities of the WebAssembly/JavaScript port and several examples using NodeJS and a web browser.

PALISADE Webinar #8 A – Blockchain and Web Applications

This talk by Olu Agunloye (CEO of Aleph0 Capital LLC), a core contributor to the JavaScript (web assembly) port of the PALISADE homomorphic encryption library, introduces the blockchain technology, and describes the use cases where blockchain and homomorphic encryption are used together.

Financial Intelligence Sharing under GDPR

In this fireside chat, we present pioneering information sharing projects that leverage PETs and discuss pertinent GDPR obligations that institutions have to take into consideration.

PALISADE Webinar #3 A – HE Tutorial Series Part 3: Integer Arithmetic

Yuriy Polyakov, a PALISADE co-founder and project lead, explains homomorphic encryption over integers using the Brakerski/Fan-Vercauteren (BFV) and Brakerski-Gentry-Vaikuntanathan (BGV) schemes, and discusses various aspects of their PALISADE implementation from the application developer perspective.