Inter-bank Data Sharing, the New Frontier of Fraud Detection and Prevention

If banks could share their indicators of fraud and other data drawn from their customer account and device information rather than relying solely on their own data – without revealing identifying customer and device attributes – any apprehensions of inter-bank data sharing would quickly disappear.

Privacy Protection in Cross-Border Information Sharing

For this fireside chat, we invited privacy and compliance experts across law firms, leading banks and the FFIS think tank to discuss the business potential and regulatory challenges associated with cross-border data transfers, and present emerging technology solutions that can help institutions mitigate compliance risks.

Financial Intelligence Sharing under GDPR

In this fireside chat, we present pioneering information sharing projects that leverage PETs and discuss pertinent GDPR obligations that institutions have to take into consideration.

Building an Industry-Wide View of Risk in Financial Services

To ensure a truly comprehensive and effective approach to managing risk, it’s time to take the enterprise-wide approach one step further and transform it into industry-wide collaboration, enabling banks to investigate suspicious activity not only within their own walls, but also across them.