Global RegTech Summit 2022- Duality Interview

Duality’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes, discusses key RegTech trends, operational risks face by financial institutions, and how to tackle the roadblocks that are hindering secure data collaboration at the 2022 Global RegTech Summit.

Data and Trust: In Our Opinion – Prof. Shafi Goldwasser and Prof. Daniel Weitzner

Recently, Professor Shafi Goldwasser, a co-founder of Duality Technologies, a Turing award and two-time Gödel Prize winner, interviewed Professor Daniel J. Weitzner, to discuss Internet privacy and public policy. Weitzner is the Director of the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative, principal research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab CSAIL, and professor of Internet public policy in MIT’s Computer Science Department.

Anomaly Detection: K-Nearest Neighbors

In this blog, we will discuss K-nearest neighbors (KNN), a common technique in anomaly detection. We will then provide an overview of where it intersects with emerging privacy preserving technologies and how it impacts advanced analysis on multiple encrypted datasets.

Homomorphic Encryption: Executive Brief

Homomorphic Encryption

Data has three basic states: at rest, in transit, and in use. Homomorphic Encryption allows computations to be performed on encrypted data while in use – without ever decrypting it – keeping data secure in all three states.

Data and Trust: In Our Opinion – Rina Shainski and Jules Polonetsky

Jules Polonetsky is the CEO of The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a think tank based in Washington DC. FPF aims to serve as a platform for policymakers, industry leaders, and academics to come together and discuss emerging technologies and the privacy challenges that they pose.

Eliminate Data Silos to Unleash the Power of Collaboration

The Duality Platform was developed to solve the security-utility conflict and unleash a new era of data collaboration allowing organizations to reap all the benefits of data sharing and collaboration without ever putting sensitive data at risk.

Extending Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration Across your Entire Organization

n this webinar, Duality Co-founder and Chairwoman, Rina Shainski and our Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes examine a “What If” scenario, taking a household name and applying a platform approach to their data strategy to show how privacy preserving data collaboration could enable them to implement an actionable data strategy across their entire business.

What is Homomorphic Encryption?

What is Homomorphic encryption? How it works & the difference between partially, leveled & fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). 

Duality Runs Secure Encryption Platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Since moving its homomorphic encryption platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Duality set up a high-performance compute environment, using Intel IceLake and AMD EPYC CPUs, which is now helping its clients add scale to their computations, aggregate more data from more sources, and reduce their hardware, energy, and labor costs.