Duplicate Trade Finance

Eliminate fraud in the trade finance data ecosystem by enabling multiple lenders to be alerted when a funding request has already been financed – without revealing the identity of the entity making the request.


Securely collaborate across institutions, business lines, and borders to speed processes, cut false positives, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, and prevent financial crimes.


Securely collaborate across institutions, business lines, and borders to better detect, prevent, and investigate fraud.

Cross-Border Data Analysis

Optimize efficiency by working collaboratively across borders while meeting data privacy and residency requirements.

Data Monetization

Create new revenue sources from sensitive data while preserving privacy and regulatory compliance.

Client Onboarding

Collaborate with your peers to reduce client friction and resource duplication, and make onboarding decisions faster.

Sensitive Investigations

Enable law enforcement agencies to engage in confidential and privacy-protected investigations.

Real-World Evidence (RWE)

Accelerate multi-center Real World Evidence (RWE) studies while ensuring privacy, confidentiality & regulatory compliance.

Cross-Border Analytics

Collaborate with teams, customers, vendors, & partners across borders by jointly analyzing sensitive data — while also meeting data privacy & data residency requirements.

Cloud Migration

Securely migrate your AI workloads to the cloud: your own, your partner’s, or any third-party cloud.