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Duality Talks – Adm. Mike Rogers

Duality interviews Adm. Mike Rogers, USN (ret) on the subjects of privacy technologies, data protections, government and the private sector

Duality Talks – Dr. Alon Kaufman

In this sit-down with Dr. Alon Kaufman, CEO and Co-founder of Duality Technologies, we learn more about the foundation of Duality.

Duality Talks – Dr. Kinneret Livnat-Savitzky

Duality’s CEO and Co-founder Dr. Alon Kaufman and Team8 Health Managing Partner Dr. Kinneret Livnat-Savitzky sat down to discuss how privacy enhancing technologies, machine learning

Duality Talks – Nishant Bhajaria

Join us for a riveting discussion about current issues in data privacy and privacy engineering in this fun interview with Nishant Bhajaria, author of Data

Duality Talks – Jules Polonetsky

Duality interviews Jules Polonetsky, CEO of The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a think tank based in Washington DC. FPF aims to serve as a

Duality Talks – Charles Blauner

As the way we use data has evolved, so has the role of the CISO. In this interview, Charles Blauner, CISO-in-Residence of Team 8, and

Duality Talks – Michael Jordan

Duality Chief Scientist and co-founder, Shafi Goldwasser, recently met with Prof. Michael Jordan – UC Berkeley to discuss data privacy and the internet.

Duality Talks – Daniel Weitzner

Recently, Professor Shafi Goldwasser, a co-founder of Duality Technologies, a Turing award and two-time Gödel Prize winner, interviewed Professor Daniel J. Weitzner, to discuss Internet

Duality Talks – Rina Shainski and Prof. Shafi Goldwasser

Two Duality Technologies co-founders, Rina Shainski and Shafi Goldwasser, recently met to discuss cryptography. A two-time Gödel Prize and Turing Award winner, Goldwasser tells of

Duality Talks – Prof. Suchi Saria

Duality interviews Prof. Suchi Saria, Founder of Bayesian Health on the impact of machine learning in healthcare