Institute Privacy Preserving Data Collaborations Across Government Agencies 

Securely collaborate on sensitive data and make critical decisions in support of your mission.

From aiding law enforcement investigations, to enabling better public health outcomes, and everything in between, government users can deploy Duality to quickly and easily create secure data collaboration networks with their partners so they can unlock the value of their data and make mission-critical decisions faster.

Use Cases

Secure Investigations

Eliminate red tape and avoid long procedural delays in sharing data to gain the upper hand and catch criminals before their next offense.

Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF)

Enable investigators to quickly and privately access financial data, in a regulatory compliant manner, to support CTF activities.

Tax Evasion

Discover unreported assets anywhere without exposing  confidential data about subjects of investigations.

Public Health Research

Expedite researchers’ access to epidemiological and clinical research data  to fuel research that saves lives and protects people from health threats, all while ensuring privacy and security.

Secure Communication

Share and permission data across untrusted networks and trust zones using post-quantum security.

Cyber Crime Collaboration

Dramatically improve detection of cyber threats by collaborating on threat data from multiple organizations to train machine learning models.

Racial Bias

Counter racial bias in data sets by allowing analysis on data pools formerly inaccessible due to privacy and compliance laws – creating a complete and representative dataset with racial equity.



Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Enable Secure Data Collaboration​

Duality delivers practical solutions to address the rapidly growing need of government agencies to collaborate on sensitive data safely and securely.

Duality enables secure analysis, machine learning, and AI on encrypted data – while complying with data privacy regulations and security requirements.

Case Study

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Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.