Leverage Data Collectively to Fight Money Laundering

Securely collaborate across institutions, business lines, and borders to speed processes, cut false positives, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, and prevent financial crimes.

The Problem

A Partial View of Customer Activity

A typical financial institution may only see 15%-25% of their own customers’ activity. Secure, compliant, and privacy-protected information sharing can provide organizations with a complete view of customer activity, enabling them to more effectively disrupt cybercrimes and fraud while keeping their customers safe and preserving a competitive edge.

the solution

Complete the Customer Profile;
Gain Effectiveness

Duality’s privacy-preserving collaboration platform enables fraud teams to securely share information, enabling them to better detect and prevent fraud while staying competitive.

Duality enables teams to collaborate across company and national borders without exposing sensitive personal or commercial information. By eliminating cumbersome manual processes, Duality introduces a new level of effectiveness in financial crime detection, prevention, and investigation.

“We partnered with Duality to fulfill the promise of privacy preservation in information sharing. The Duality platform has the potential to become one of the key tools for inter-bank collaborations.”

Vishal Gossain, 
VP Global Risk Management


Experience secure collaborative computing today.

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