Cross Domain Zero Footprint Investigations & Intelligence

Raise the Bar with Duality’s Quantum-Secure Zero Footprint Investigation Solution

Duality Zero Footprint Investigations and Intelligence provides a quantum-secure ability to access and analyze data across trust boundaries while maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and operational security. By encrypting sensitive analytics at all times – including before they are deployed across trust boundaries and while they are used for computation – users can eliminate the manual, slow, and costly processes to acquire and move data onto secure infrastructure. National Security, Defense, and Law Enforcement agencies can benefit from accelerated time to insight on the most up-to-date data to support their mission, no matter where it resides, at scale.

How we do it

Duality operationalizes privacy enhancing technologies, enabling secure analysis, machine learning, and AI on sensitive data. Duality’s easy-to-use software can be deployed into any environment and seamlessly integrates with legacy systems to unlock the value of data and make mission-critical decisions faster.


Zero Footprint Investigations and Intelligence Across Trust Domains

Platform Solutions

icon financial services

Financial Services

Enable privacy-preserving data collaborations across your entire financial ecosystem.

icon healthcare


Protect patient data across your healthcare network through privacy-preserving collaborations.

icon government


Enable seamless, privacy-preserving data collaborations across government agencies.

icon marketing


Transform your marketing strategies with data collaborations that respect privacy, driving digital advertising efforts with confidence and creativity.

Commitment to Security and Compliance with Standards

Duality supports privacy and security requirements like GDPR, CBPR, PDPA, and more, as well as industry-specific regulations.

Duality Technologies’ product is currently in use by federal agencies like the Dept. of Homeland Security and has already been sole-sourced into the Dept. of Treasury due to the unique and advanced nature of their software products. Duality maintains a 314(b) Association designation under the USA PATRIOT Act to allow it to be used by financial institutions to protect against broad classes of financial crimes with national security implications. This product comes with a strong legacy of national security involvement, and it is ready to support mission outcomes.