Data Service Providers

Open and accelerate new lines of revenue for data and AI

Data Service Providers are at the heart of the data-driven economy and have much to gain in the current gold rush. AI and ML providers need data for training, and data service providers often use models to deliver value to clients. However, most data providers today struggle to capitalize on these opportunities because of a lack of security and governance over both models and input data. Duality’s Secure Data Collaboration platform helps forge strategic partnerships, build impactful models, and expand revenue streams – all while prioritizing data privacy and security.

What is a Data Service Provider?

Does your organization fall into one of these categories?

Your Organization Sells Data to Businesses

Your core business is the collection, aggregation, and preparation of data to be sold to organizations.


Your Organization Helps Analyze, Clean, or Use Data Owned by an Organization

You provide data science or analytics as a service to businesses, including ETL and IT systems used including the development or use of AI and ML models.


Look at that, we’re a data company?

Your core business isn’t defined as a data provider, however, your primary business model inherently collects a large volume of sensitive data. You do not yet offer access to this data en masse, and perhaps use this data internally, but both are limited.


Expand Revenue with AI and ML Model Providers

Tens of thousands of AI and ML model teams need your data for training, inference, and tuning. But, bulk data purchases are prohibitive, and they can’t send you their proprietary model for fear of IP leakage. When data is your business, trust is not acceptable when it comes to guaranteeing security protections and governance over how your data is used and when it’s deleted. Duality’s Secure Collaborative AI solution provides just such guarantees for both model IP and input data protection

The Easy Button for AI Regulatory Compliance

As described in Art. 54 of the EU AI Act, organizations with high-risk model types must prove model efficacy and compliance with AI regulations while using real-world data in an environment that guarantees data protection and governance. Duality provides the transparency, monitoring, data protection, model protection, governance controls, enforcement, and reporting needed to simplify an otherwise complicated set of requirements.

Group of IT excited over using secure ai collaboration to meet regulatory requirements and monetize their data.

Driving Insights and Revenue with Data Models, Securely and Efficiently

Oftentimes, data service providers have their own models that they use to deliver value to clients, and even those that they can customize for clients for their own use. Similarly, both sides are challenged by the need for guarantees of data and model protections. Utilizing Duality’s Secure Collaborative AI solution eliminates these challenges, allowing streamlined and scalable go-to-market activities for customer-facing models.

Minimize Risk and Grow Confidence with Clients

Breaches via third-party data partnerships continue to be an all too regular occurrence. If your firm offers data science or data analytics as a service, the big risk is trusting that data protections and controls are in place. With Duality, firms can provide technological guarantees of risk and data minimization by never needing raw access. Analysts can utilize the Duality platform to manage data schemas, join/link datasets, and run analytics all without ever needing or having access to the raw data.

Supporting Confidential Data Use in the Public Sector

Many data providers are useful to government agencies conducting confidential investigations or intelligence exercises. However, the maintain confidentiality, these agencies must bulk purchase large data volumes, flying in the face of cost reduction and data minimization efforts. Instead, Data Service Providers can utilize Duality’s Zero Footprint Investigation & Intelligence solution to streamline and expand contracts with government agencies while minimizing data.


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