Duality Query Engine

Run quantum-secure, confidential, multimodal queries on single or multiple datasets without exposing the query.

How we do it

The Duality privacy-preserving data collaboration platform leverages cryptographic methodologies that enhance several Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) for secure data collaboration while complying with data security and regulatory requirements.

Our product is currently in use by federal agencies like the Dept. of Homeland Security and has already been sole-sourced into the Dept. of Treasury due to the unique and advanced nature of their software products. Duality maintains a 314(b) designation under the USA PATRIOT Act to allow it to be used by financial institutions to protect against broad classes of financial crimes with national security implications.

Duality leverages quantum secure FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption) as the core technology for our Query Engine. Our products are built upon our open-source library, OpenFHE, a DoD-funded export-compliant library. We support privacy and security requirements like GDPR, CBPR, PDPA, and more, as well as industry-specific regulations.

The Duality Query Engine

It’s estimated that 80% of data creation today is unstructured and that enterprises use roughly 10% of data at their disposal. Duality allows multiple organizations to collaborate on decentralized data by performing privacy-enhanced SQL-like queries. Query parameters and results remain protected by homomorphic encryption while they are deployed, and the underlying data never leaves the owner’s environment, further complying with data sovereignty laws, as noted in the UK ICO’s recommendation to utilize PETs. Read the ICO PETs Guide.

Our Query Engine provides cooperating parties with the tools to define collaboration projects and controls, such as user roles, authorized query options, approval processes, data policies, and the ability to flexibly create complex queries using the built-in query engine. This gives organizations dynamic collaboration capabilities while maintaining stringent security standards.


Zero Footprint Investigations for Financial Crimes

Investigations in financial crime fighting (KYC, AML, Fraud, etc), require timely collaborations among disparate groups within an organization, data partners, and even with competing financial institutions. Unfortunately, investigative collaborations are limited in usefulness due to traditional technologies that require process-driven check points resulting in untimely responses on outdated data with low participation often blocked by regulation or fear of tipping off the subject of the investigation through a data leak or insider threat. With Zero Footprint Investigations, investigators can operate with full confidence in the confidentiality of their query subjects in a near self-service fashion with any institution or partner, anywhere in the world, on any data type, without requiring movement or exposure of that data.

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Zero Footprint Intelligence

The intelligence community relies upon information dominance to address national interests. This dominance is directly related to the speed and scale of data–how much of which types of data can be used and how quickly? Data sources are often sprawled across agencies, borders, allies, and trust domains. Additionally, vast troves of unstructured data are underutilized by traditional methods. With Zero Footprint Intelligence, agents can accelerate the speed and scale of data with quantum-secure, confidential queries of and with any data type via semantic search to leverage troves of unstructured and semi-structured data: loose text, images, audio, and video.

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Data Monetization – Data Brokers and Owners

Data Brokers and Service providers are often useful data partners for investigators and analysts. However, there are limitations in addressable markets as well as scale due to data risk concerns. By utilizing Duality’s Zero Footprint Solution, these data brokers and owners can streamline, secure, and expand how they offer data and to whom. The same is true for organizations that are de facto data service providers due to the volumes of data they collect about their clients. Rather than a complex and risky operation, monetizing large volumes of sensitive data is simply a matter of software.

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Platform Solutions

icon financial services

Financial Services

Enable privacy-preserving data collaborations across your entire financial ecosystem.

icon healthcare


Protect patient data across your healthcare network through privacy-preserving collaborations.

icon government


Enable seamless, privacy-preserving data collaborations across government agencies.

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Utilize data collaboration to drive digital marketing efforts with creativity and accuracy.

Experience Secure Collaborative Computing Today

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.

Duality’s Query Engine, designed by expert cryptographers and data scientists, securely handles your data privacy needs. Utilizing fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) and advanced privacy-enhancing technologies, you can perform secure machine learning, data analytics, and SQL-like queries on encrypted data. This means you can acquire high-performance data without needing to be an expert in cryptography or a data analyst, all while keeping sensitive information confidential.