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Duality Talks – Adm. Mike Rogers

Duality interviews Adm. Mike Rogers, USN (ret) on the subjects of privacy technologies, data protections, government and the private sector

Duality Talks – Dr. Alon Kaufman

In this sit-down with Dr. Alon Kaufman, CEO and Co-founder of Duality Technologies, we learn more about the foundation of Duality.

Duality Talks – Dr. Kinneret Livnat-Savitzky

Duality’s CEO and Co-founder Dr. Alon Kaufman and Team8 Health Managing Partner Dr. Kinneret Livnat-Savitzky sat down to discuss how privacy enhancing technologies, machine learning

Duality Talks – Nishant Bhajaria

Join us for a riveting discussion about current issues in data privacy and privacy engineering in this fun interview with Nishant Bhajaria, author of Data

Duality Talks – Jules Polonetsky

Duality interviews Jules Polonetsky, CEO of The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a think tank based in Washington DC. FPF aims to serve as a

Duality Talks – Charles Blauner

As the way we use data has evolved, so has the role of the CISO. In this interview, Charles Blauner, CISO-in-Residence of Team 8, and

Duality Talks – Michael Jordan

Duality Chief Scientist and co-founder, Shafi Goldwasser, recently met with Prof. Michael Jordan – UC Berkeley to discuss data privacy and the internet.

Duality Talks – Daniel Weitzner

Recently, Professor Shafi Goldwasser, a co-founder of Duality Technologies, a Turing award and two-time Gödel Prize winner, interviewed Professor Daniel J. Weitzner, to discuss Internet

Duality Talks – Rina Shainski and Prof. Shafi Goldwasser

Two Duality Technologies co-founders, Rina Shainski and Shafi Goldwasser, recently met to discuss cryptography. A two-time Gödel Prize and Turing Award winner, Goldwasser tells of

Inter-Bank Privacy-Enhanced Information Sharing Fraud Detection and Prevention

In this webinar, industry experts discuss: – The real cost of fraud to financial institutions – Why fraud is only going to get worse –

Revolutionizing the Data Sharing Landscape: Data Sharing in the Privacy Age

Imagine a world where one financial institution can share sensitive data with another financial institution while preserving privacy, that can help them save money for

Extracting Value from Your Data: Capitalize on Insights, Not Privacy

Join Duality for real world examples of the many considerations global enterprises have to factor to ensure that sensitive data always remains private, while bridging

Genome-Wide Association Study

Solve GWAS logistical challenges to enable scalable genomic analysis while preserving privacy.

Extending Privacy Preserving Data Collaboration Across your Entire Organization

We examine a “What If” scenario, taking a household name and applying a platform approach to their data strategy to show how privacy preserving data

Anti Money Laundering

View the demo to see how you can securely collaborate across institutions, business lines, and borders to speed processes, cut false positives, reduce operational costs,

Introducing the Duality Collaboration Hub

Join Zohar Duchin, Head of Advanced Solutions, and Ronen Cohen, VP of Strategy, at Duality for a practical demonstration of how the latest in privacy

Secure Investigations

View the demo to see how you can securely collaborate on data across multiple government agencies and alternative data sources to accelerate investigations. Fill out

Fraud Prevention

View the demo to see how you can securely collaborate across institutions, business lines, and borders to better detect, prevent, and investigate fraud. Fill out

Duality Talks – Prof. Suchi Saria

Duality interviews Prof. Suchi Saria, Founder of Bayesian Health on the impact of machine learning in healthcare

Cryptography Enabled Data Science, Meeting the Demands of Data Driven Enterprise

We are all familiar with encryption of data-at-rest and data-in-transit, but can encryption also protect data-in-use? An emerging field of Privacy Enhancing Technologies brings a

Real World Evidence

View the demo to see how you can accelerate multicenter Real World Evidence studies while ensuring privacy, confidentiality and regulatory compliance. Fill out the form

The Data Driven Enterprise, Moving to Privacy Enhanced Data Orchestration

The data revolution we’ve experienced over the last two-decades continues to accelerate and as our global data footprint continues to grow, so does our reliance

Targeted Offers

View the demo to see how you can optimize your advertising and customer retention. Fill out the form below to access the Targeted Offers sandbox

The Evolution of Information Sharing in Countering Finance Crime

In this not to miss Osterman Research supported webinar, Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, leads a discussion with Duality’s Vice President of Strategy,

Trade Financing

View the demo to see how you can leverage data collaboration to mitigate trade finance fraud. Fill out the form below to access the Trade

Increase Data Insights with Actionable Outcomes

When your business is big data, private data, and you support many of the largest data holders in the world, you need to ensure that

Fireside Chat: Privacy Protection in Cross-Border Information Sharing

For this fireside chat, we invited privacy and compliance experts across law firms, leading banks and the FFIS think tank to discuss the business potential