Securely Trial AI Models

Accelerate Innovation in AI with Confidential Trials

Organizations need data protection and governance guarantees before trialing 3rd party AI models, let alone full-scale adoption. Fortunately, organizations now have a fully-featured, secure, and private means to use artificial intelligence models without exposing sensitive data sets to the model provider, and without the provider needing to expose sensitive features of their model to the users or data owners. Duality provides a confidential and privacy-protected AI solution so organizations can innovate faster while keeping sensitive data and IP secure. 


Protecting Data When Evaluating 3rd Party Models

In today’s Generative AI, Large Language Model, and Machine Learning era, enterprises are looking for options to test new AI tools from third-party vendors, recognizing that those who do not innovate will fall behind their competitors. To accelerate the speed of AI system’s evaluation and deployment, teams need to ensure they can allow new vendors to join, use real data for confident decision-making, and that sensitive data is never exposed to unauthorized parties.


Confidential AI Trials

Duality provides a secure software solution that bridges the gap between innovation and security, enabling enterprises to stay ahead in a competitive landscape without requiring a deep understanding of the advanced technologies required to do so.

How it Works

View the steps for the AI trial period:

The Duality software is deployed inside the Enterprise’s infrastructure, which uses confidential computing as supported by AWS, Azure, and GCP.

The Model Provider installs Duality software to encrypt and send their model to the confidential computing environment.

The Model and Data are decrypted inside the Confidential Computing environment (inaccessible to everyone).

The model training runs.

Results are encrypted and sent to the Enterprise for evaluation.

Customers viewS the training metrics and determineS whether the model meets their expectations. 


Platform Solutions

icon financial services

Financial Services

Enable privacy-preserving data collaborations across your entire financial ecosystem.

icon healthcare


Healthcare professionals can protect patient data across networks through privacy-preserving collaborations.

icon government


Enable seamless, privacy-preserving data collaborations across government agencies.

icon marketing


Transform your marketing strategies with data collaborations that respect privacy. 

Satisfy Risk Concerns with Duality

Securely trial your AI Models with Duality’s Secure Collaboration Platform

Founded and led by world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists, Duality operationalizes privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to accelerate data insights by enabling analysis and AI on encrypted data, while preserving data privacy and compliance. Unlock large volumes of diverse data and allow your team to securely scale data operations to develop high-efficacy models.