Real World Evidence Studies

Duality’s platform handles privacy regulations by default so your team can get the real world data (RWD) they need, no matter where it is or who has it. Eliminate lengthy processes to focus on the analytics, not the process. The secure collaboration platform accelerates medical breakthroughs for greater patient outcomes.

Collaborate on Real World Data Analysis without Compromising Patient Privacy

Real World Evidence (RWE) studies are the engine of medical and pharmaceutical innovation – but concerns around data privacy, security, regulation, and confidentiality make collaborative medical data analysis cumbersome.

Duality enables organizations to accelerate multi-center RWE studies by protecting the data during all phases of collaboration — even during its analysis — keeping privacy, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance intact. By leveraging Homomorphic Encryption, stakeholders can securely combine and analyze sensitive data, such as linking patient health records, validating data correctness, performing statistical analysis, fitting regression models, and applying survival analysis without ever decrypting. All data owners remain in control of how their data is used during the collaboration process.

“In healthcare research, it is imperative to collaborate on data to derive robust conclusions about the effectiveness of treatments. Duality’s solution facilitates privacy-preserving data sharing for the benefit of patients and the entire healthcare community.“

Dr. Ravit Geva, 
Head, GIT malignancies Center Head, Research & Innovation Unit, Deputy Director Division of Oncology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

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