Genome Wide Association Studies

Boost your data volume and variety with a secure platform built for private data analysis.

The Problem

The Dual Genomics Challenge: Privacy – and Logistics

Genomics has the potential to change the world of medicine. Genome-Wide Association Studies in particular are garnering investment from some of the biggest firms in the world, and can allow researchers to better understand the genetic bases of diseases and develop appropriate treatments.

However, successful GWAS rely heavily on large volumes of clinical and genetic data – often from multiple different providers – and on ensuring accurate results while at the same time protecting data privacy and security. In short, conducting GWAS presents both a logistical and privacy challenge.

the solution

Enable Scalable Genomic Analysis while Preserving Privacy

Duality’s privacy-preserving collaboration platform enables genomic researchers to compute on large and disparate data sets up to 30x faster than using other computation methods.

Duality enables researchers to understand correlations between genotypes and phenotypes 30x faster than other methods, while preserving data privacy.

Researchers can use the Duality Platform to derive highly accurate insights without exposing any sensitive patient data – ever.


“Ongoing precision medicine studies can immediately benefit from these capabilities by enabling secure collaboration across clinical institutions without requiring complex data sharing agreements or compromising individual-level privacy. This technology can also empower patients to participate in research studies directly and receive personalized results knowing that their individual data will not be exposed.”

Dr. Alexander Gusev


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