OpenFHE, the production-ready post-quantum open source FHE library.

Looking for an enterprise-ready solution? The Duality secure data collaboration platform is built with OpenFHE.

OpenFHE: The next-generation open-source homomorphic encryption library.

OpenFHE is the open-source library leveraged by Duality, as well as other community members, for its privacy-protected data collaboration products. You can find the OpenFHE project webpage with extensive links to documentation and supporting material here:

OpenFHE is officially affiliated as a fiscally sponsored project with the non-profit NumFocus open source consortium. OpenFHE is available on the 2-clause BSD open-source library and Duality will ALWAYS be open-source privacy technologies.

OpenFHE is a culmination of years of effort and expertise in designing, developing, applying and deploying Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) in real-world scenarios and is the result of extensive collaboration between researchers, scientists and engineers from Duality, Intel, Samsung, MIT and other leading tech organizations. OpenFHE was developed with over a decade of support from DARPA, the world’s leading technology funding organization.

For interactive discussion on OpenFHE, please join the project discourse forum here.