Leverage Data Collaboration to Mitigate Trade Finance Fraud

Eliminate fraud in the trade finance data ecosystem by enabling multiple lenders to be alerted when a funding request has already been financed – without revealing the identity of the entity making the request.

The Problem

The Impact of Trade Finance Fraud

Duplicate trade financing has led to billions of dollars in losses for lenders. When seemingly legitimate businesses present the same invoice to multiple lenders, each individual lender is limited to the data available to them. The inability for lenders to share transactional data with one another due to privacy, regulatory, and competitive concerns works against lenders and plays into the hands of bad actors.

the solution

Detect Duplicates with Sensitive Data Intact

Duality’s privacy-preserving data collaboration platform enables lenders to work together to tackle duplicate trade financing without exposing any sensitive information.

With Duality, lenders can cross-check for duplicates – while keeping sensitive business and transaction information hidden. Using the platform, a lender inputs relevant details and is able to automatically query lenders as to whether the request for funding has already been financed – without exposing the transactional information or the identity of the lenders themselves. If the same request has already been financed elsewhere, relevant lenders are alerted without exposing which banks financed or submitted the inquiry.


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