Data Monetization

Sell Your Data

Most of us know that the data our organizations collect is valuable beyond internal use, but the operations required to monetize data to 3rd parties securely are often prohibitively expensive and distracting from core business operations, not to mention risky. But what if I told you that utilizing solutions based on privacy-preserving technologies eliminates much of that burden and risk? Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to monetize their data securely and cost-effectively with Duality. Our data collaboration platform allows data owners and aggregators to transform their sensitive information into valuable data products while adhering to security and privacy laws.

the problem

Companies Have a Lot of Data

Industries have massive amounts of data that are not being used to their full potential. This is partly because prohibitive costs and operations to safely monetize it and a lack of awareness of options that make it far easier. Every organization today has raw data that could provide critical insights to another organization. And it’s not just massive enterprises—small and medium-sized businesses also have the opportunity to monetize their data. For instance, AI model providers rely upon their data acquisition strategy and partners to progress from R&D to production as well as to differentiate from competing models. For any organization, the key to data sales is extracting and sharing it safely and cost-effectively.

the solution

Monetize Your Information with Secure Data Encryption

Duality can turn your big data into big returns. Our data collaboration platforms enable secure monetization using Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). Our technologies ensure data privacy during sharing and analysis, support regulatory compliance (e.g., GDPR), and allow for secure cross-border data exchange, all while organizations maintain full control over their data and intellectual property. The platform supports secure computing in third party environments and the cloud, ensuring that data remains protected even when processed outside the organization’s infrastructure.

Potential Buyers of Your Data

Benefits of Data Selling

Industries with Data to Sell

Unsure if you can sell data? Here are examples of industries with available data people want.

Transportation and technology concept.


Car dealerships, fleet carriers, and driver behavior data. 

Concept of document security.


Purchase history, customer data, and phone number. 

Industry 4.0 Machinery Manufacturing Products


Machine performance, energy consumption, and supply chain data. 

growth in business and finance


Credit card transactions, stock market data, and credit scores. 

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The value of data is only increasing, so now is the time to act. Add data selling to your business model with Duality.

Duality helps industries unlock the untapped potential of their data, transforming it into a lucrative revenue stream. With our advanced data collaboration platform, industries can securely monetize their data using Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). Organizations retain full control over their data and intellectual property, even when processed in third-party environments or the cloud. 

Discover how Duality can turn your data into an income-generating asset.