Duality for Partners

Empower your partners and customers and create data collaboration networks on sensitive data and analytics at scale.

Industry leaders trust Duality for privacy-enhanced collaboration on sensitive data.

With the Duality Collaboration Hub, organizations can now build and manage their own privacy-protected networks —

allowing their partners and clients to work together to share intelligence, build new products and services, and monetize their data, while keeping privacy and confidentiality in compliance with data privacy regulations.

This “privacy-protected network as-a-service” enables users to add value to their customers and partners by providing innovative collaboration services, which drives new revenues and reduces churn.

Business Benefits

Technical Highlights

One Platform.
Endless Collaboration Possibilities.

Collaboration Management & Governance

Platform overview

Create and manage your own collaboration network, powered by Duality’s privacy-preserving technology.

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Duality Query

Securely share insights by performing privacy-preserving queries on decentralized data sets.

Duality ML

Securely leverage collaborative machine learning and analytics using encrypted data and models.

Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.