One data collaboration platform. Endless possibilities.

Open data flows more securely and more efficiently than ever before with leading privacy and security technologies. Duality enables you to open collaborative data flows across borders and domains while protecting data privacy.

Duality empowers multiple parties to collaborate and gain new insights while keeping sensitive data protected.

Duality seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, making it easy to set up collaborative projects quickly and at scale. Our secure data collaboration platform allows you to perform model training and inference, run descriptive statistics, and execute SQL-like queries, all while utilizing encrypted data or models. Furthermore, the platform offers flexible privacy controls, enabling you to set different access levels and data-sharing permissions for different collaboration partners within a project, ensuring data privacy and reducing data leakage risks.

With these privacy controls and the ability to perform advanced data analysis securely, organizations and government agencies are well-equipped to navigate the modern data ecosystems. Securely collaborate with partners in any environment to unlock the value of sensitive data, drive revenue, and enhance efficiency, all while knowing that their data practices comply with stringent data privacy laws and leverage the full potential of their collective data assets.

Duality empowers multiple parties to collaborate

The Duality Platform

Secure data collaboration and analysis on your terms: any computation, any environment, any geography.

Product Benefits

Platform Solutions

icon financial services

Financial Services

Enable privacy-preserving data collaborations across your entire financial ecosystem.

icon healthcare


Protect patient data across your healthcare network through privacy-preserving collaborations.

icon government


Enable seamless, privacy-preserving data collaborations across government agencies.

icon marketing


Transform your marketing strategies with data collaborations that respect privacy, driving digital advertising efforts with confidence and creativity.

Experience Secure Collaborative Computing Today

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.

Duality’s platform, designed by top cryptographers and data scientists, securely handles your data privacy needs. With Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and advanced privacy-enhancing technologies, you can perform secure machine learning, analytics, and SQL-like queries on encrypted data. This means you can achieve data acquisition without needing to be an expert in cryptography, all while keeping sensitive information confidential.

Trusted by industry leaders like AWS, DARPA, Intel, Google, Oracle, IBM, and the World Economic Forum, our platform is a scalable solution integrated into your existing systems to adapt to ever-evolving security challenges and ensure your data is safeguarded against new threats.