One platform.
Endless collaboration possibilities.

How we do it

The Duality privacy-preserving data collaboration platform leverages cryptographic methodologies that enhance several Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).

Duality uses the leading open source for fully homomorphic encryption (AKA FHE)

Duality empowers multiple parties to collaborate and gain new insights while keeping sensitive data protected.

Duality seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, making it easy to set up collaborative projects quickly and at scale. The platform allows you to perform model training and inference, running descriptive statistics, and execute SQL-like queries, all while utilizing encrypted data or models. Securely collaborate with partners in any environment to unlock the value of your data, drive revenue, and enhance efficiency across your organization.

The Duality Platform

Secure data collaboration and analysis on your terms: any computation, any environment, any geography.

Product Benefits

Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.