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Duality operationalizes Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) – empowering organizations to share and analyze encrypted data.

Duality empowers multiple parties to collaborate

Industry leaders trust Duality for privacy-enhanced collaboration on sensitive data.

One Platform.
Endless Collaboration Possibilities.

Collaboration Management & Governance

Platform overview

Create and manage your own collaboration network, powered by Duality’s privacy-preserving technology.

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Duality Query

Securely share insights by performing privacy-preserving queries on decentralized data sets.

Duality ML

Securely leverage collaborative machine learning and analytics using encrypted data and models.

“We partnered with Duality to fulfill the promise of privacy preservation in information sharing. The Duality platform has the potential to become one of the key tools for inter-bank collaborations.”

Vishal Gossain, 
VP Global Risk Management

Make privacy-enhanced, collaborative data science

your competitive advantage

Unleash the full value of collaborative data science and AI while minimizing risk.

Generate Business Value

Securely share, analyze and enrich sensitive data

Generate deeper insights


Monetize sensitive data and AI models


Accelerate data-driven innovation


Group of IT excited over using secure ai collaboration to meet regulatory requirements and monetize their data.

Minimize Risk and Ensure Privacy

Data remains encrypted along the entire data science lifecycle

 Ensure full control over your data and IP


 Comply with data protection and industry regulations


Securely compute in third-party environments and the cloud



Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.