Duality Analytics & Machine Learning

Duality’s ML solution enhances the capability of organizations to perform secure, protected computations for models of any type. With Duality, ML model teams can fill in the gaps in ML Security Operations: data protection, data governance, model governance, model IP protection, model transparency, explainability, and monitoring. In addition, go-to-market teams can scale their efforts with secure, free trials of marketed models without requiring the client to expose sensitive data, and without relying on synthetic data to make purchase decisions.

How we do it

The Duality ML engine leverages confidential computing technologies (aka Trusted Execution Environments or TEEs) integrated into our secure data collaboration platform so teams can focus on delivering value rather than how they’ll do the work.

Duality uses the leading open source for fully homomorphic encryption (AKA FHE), empowering data teams and data owners with tools for secure collaboration on sensitive data.

The Duality Analytics and Machine Learning Engine

With Duality, AI and ML teams across various industries can utilize a range of data science, statistical, and machine learning models while ensuring model and input data protections. This capability allows teams to trivialize their data acquisition strategies, build better models, and provide greater value by offering protections for client data.



Platform Solutions

icon financial services

Financial Services

Enable privacy-preserving data collaborations across your entire financial ecosystem.

icon healthcare


Protect patient data across your healthcare network through privacy-preserving collaborations.

icon government


Enable seamless, privacy-preserving data collaborations across government agencies.

icon marketing


Transform your marketing strategies with data collaborations that respect privacy, driving digital advertising efforts with confidence and creativity.

Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.

Crafted by leading cryptographers and data scientists, our ML solution enables you to conduct secure machine learning, protecting both model IP and input data. Our innovative approach allows for seamless data acquisition and utilization without requiring deep expertise in cryptography, ensuring your sensitive information and data pipelines remain protected at all times.

Endorsed by trusted enterprises such as AWS, DARPA, Intel, Google, Oracle, IBM, and the World Economic Forum, the Duality ML engine stands as a trusted, scalable solution that integrates smoothly with your existing systems.