Leverage CAI/PAI/OSINT for Zero Footprint Investigations

Duality empowers agencies to conduct zero footprint investigations through secure and private access to third-party data. By operationalizing privacy enhancing technologies, Duality enables secure analysis of third-party data without having to move it onto their premises, purchase unnecessary data, or create new environments – all while ensuring the targets of the investigations, and the results of analyses are never exposed.

The Problem

Investigators’ Data Problem

Data silos, privacy requirements, and security concerns impede collaboration across all government agencies. Whether it’s about financial crime, counter-terror, or other criminal investigations, investigators need to overcome multiple obstacles to accessing, sharing, and collaborating on sensitive data they need to solve their cases and get results.

the solution

Complete the Investigation – Privacy Intact

Duality enables investigators across government agencies to securely and privately leverage data across multiple sources.

Duality empowers government agencies to unlock the value of sensitive data in support of their mission while complying with privacy and security requirements. By operationalizing privacy enhancing technologies, Duality enables efficient and effective collaboration across teams, agencies, jurisdictions, and sectors.


Experience secure collaborative computing today.

Maximize the value of sensitive, regulated, or confidential data.