Duality Technologies Teams with Oracle to Enable Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Investigations for Financial Crimes

Integrated financial intelligence solution will enable Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management clients to join forces to fight criminal networks.

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How a DARPA project could revolutionize patient data

To maintain patient data privacy while allowing for faster analysis of it, the military agency is funding a hardware development accelerator with the goal of speeding up FHE analysis.

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Duality CTO talks to The Encrypted Economy podcast

In this episode of the Encrypted Economy we talk with Kurt Rohloff, Co-Founder and CTO of Duality and one of the pioneers in the homomorphic encryption space.

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Duality Technologies Joins the Financial Data Exchange (FDX)

Duality Technologies Joins the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) to Help Accelerate Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in the Banking Industry

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Duality scores $14M DARPA contract for hardware-accelerated homomorphic encryption

Training AIs is essential to today’s tech sector, but handling the amount of data needed to do so is intrinsically dangerous. DARPA hopes to change that by tapping the encryption experts at Duality to create a hardware-accelerated method of using large quantities of data without decrypting it — a $14.5 million contract.

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Privacy concerns raised over Israel’s sharing of patient data with Pfizer

Privacy experts are raising the alarm following the Israeli government’s decision to share COVID-19 vaccine patient data with Pfizer.

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Building an Industry-Wide View of Risk in Financial Services

An insightful article on risk management and information sharing within financial institutions, written by Alon Kaufman, CEO and co-founder of Duality

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Duality Technologies Launches Platform for Analyzing Big Data While Keeping It Private

Duality Technologies, a  provider of privacy-enhancing tech, (PETs), is launching SecurePlus Statistics, a privacy-enhanced “statistical analysis solution” that uses Homomorphic Encryption (HE).

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Profile of a founder: Kurt Rohloff of Duality Technologies

An exclusive Tech Tribune Q&A with Kurt Rohloff, the co-founder and CTO of Duality Technologies

October 25, 2020 Read More

Privacy regulations do the good work of keeping patients’ personal medical data secure, but at the same time they also hamstring sharing of data, which might otherwise help drive important clinical or genomic research. A similar dynamic plays out in finance, according to Alon Kaufman, CEO and co-founder of Duality Technologies.

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