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Duality and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Revolutionizes Research Agility in Healthcare

Hoboken, New Jersey – (April 4, 2023) Duality Technologies, the leader in secure data collaboration for enterprises, today announced its partnership with Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TLVMC); the partnership enables TLVMC’s partners network to easily collaborate on sensitive data while preserving privacy of patients and complying with regulation.  Duality’s platform was successfully piloted by TLVMC, proving that Real-World Data analysis yields accurate results when performed on data protected by Duality Platform.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is world renown for top quality medical care and for leadership in technology innovation. Our data is very valuable and routinely contributes important insights in Real-World Data analysis; it is also very sensitive and must be protected at all times. Our partnership with Duality will help to simplify the process for TLVMC’s industrial and research partners to access, analyze and derive insights from TLVMC’s data by accessing via Duality’s platform in a more expedient manner while always protecting the data, even when being analyzed.” said Prof. Eli Sprecher, deputy director for Research & Development.

Healthcare organizations possess valuable data that is essential for real-world studies of effectiveness and adverse effects of medications, vaccines, and devices. To gain such insights medical centers often must team up with other medical centers to build statistically significant cohorts and with industrial partners that work on medical research. Such projects are extremely difficult to get off the ground due to concerns of compliance, control, and use-of-data. Duality platform addresses all these concerns in a practical manner. The power of this unique platform, coupled with the data rich research being conducted by leading medical centers, pharma, and other health organizations – can transform the way we approach research learnings to improve treatment, patient, and the disease landscape.

“Deriving insights from valuable data through collaborations is at the heart of modern data driven healthcare, but it is increasingly challenging due to globally strengthening data privacy regulation. We are excited by the partnering with Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, as it unlocks a new, agile and secure, way for organizations to collaborate on healthcare data, while complying with regulation,” commented Rina Shainski, chairwoman and co-founder at Duality. “Our company’s mission has always been to deliver highest-quality technological solutions addressing the challenges of trust, safety and compliance in data collaborations. This partnership will enable TLVMC agile participation in collaborative medical research, multicenter studies, cross border initiatives and more.”

Dr. Ravit Geva, deputy director of the Oncology Division and heading the Clinical Research & Innovation unit of the oncology division said: “There is always a gap between promise and reality with big data. We need to be able to combine data from different centers with good quality and still respecting the privacy-related interests of individuals whose data we are using and preserving data ownership. Our joint study with Duality aimed and verified the accuracy of statistical oncology endpoint when done through encrypted data. The secure analysis was compared with the currently internally used conventional data management and analysis methods on Collaborative Real-world Oncological Survival analysis without revealing patients’ protected health information.”

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