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How to Monetize AI Models Faster with Secure, Privacy-Protected Trials

Exec Summary

AI models can serve many purposes. From helping organizations minimize risks, reduce costs, and identify growth opportunities to improving health research and fighting financial crimes. Unfortunately, vendors offering such models often run into customer privacy and security concerns that slow the sales process long before contracts are signed. After all, when personalizing a model, the customers’ data must traditionally be exposed for use. Duality’s Privacy Protected AI Solution eliminates such hurdles by building in security and privacy by design. Learn how a privacy-protected AI collaboration solution can set you apart in the highly competitive AI marketplace and empower you to outpace the competition.


Our last blog discussed how Duality helps overcome the security, privacy, and IP challenges data providers face when selling to AI engineering teams. In this blog, we’ll explore the other side of the proverbial coin and discuss challenges when monetizing (selling) AI models to businesses. 

Accelerate Sales with Fast, Secure, Privacy Protected Trials

Every sale must address a critical question, “how can we demonstrate value as quickly and as realistically as possible?” Often, a model truly comes alive when it has the opportunity to learn about a business (operations, security, customer behavior, risk, etc.) and produce insights and opportunities tailored to its needs. This can only be accomplished when the models can be personalized with real client data, which can prove problematic in the face of IP, data security, and data privacy concerns.

Traditionally, one side needs to ‘trust’ the other for the project to progress–give the model to the data owner, or give the data to the model owner. Fortunately, Duality’s Privacy Protected AI Collaboration solution removes the need for these points of trust, allowing all parties to move forward knowing that their data and models remain confidential while the potential benefits are quickly confirmed.

Proprietary Data is Critical to Custom AI Success 

At this point, no one should doubt that data is the lifeblood of a successful AI model. However, for several reasons, it might be even more vital for AI models that are meant to be utilized within a specific organization: 

  • First, data unique to an organization holds the intricate details and nuances of that organization’s operations, customer interactions, and business processes. This specificity allows the AI model to uncover contextually relevant patterns and correlations that generic and even synthetic datasets lack.
  • Second, proprietary data is a competitive advantage, enabling organizations to leverage models finely tuned to their industry and individual business challenges. The rich insights derived from proprietary data empower AI models to make more accurate predictions, identify tailored solutions, and ultimately drive superior business outcomes.
  • Third, customers may benefit from training models on 3rd party data in addition to their own; a need made simpler with a privacy-protecting AI solution.
  • Last, a company’s unique data often provides a foundation for innovation, fostering the development of novel algorithms and techniques that can propel an organization ahead with leading-edge inspiration.

Utilizing specialized confidential data not only enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of AI models but can also contribute significantly to a company’s strategic positioning in the rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

Protect Model IP while Developing AI Models on 3rd-Party Data

On the AI vendor side, proprietary AI models represent a substantial investment in research, creativity, and intellectual exploration, as well as time and money. AI model vendors devote significant resources to developing unique algorithms and methodologies that give them an advantage in the competitive AI space. Whether it’s a novel approach to predictive analytics, a radical recommendation system, or a cutting-edge optimization algorithm, the confidential and groundbreaking nature of these models sets them apart.

AI vendors can’t just hand these over to their potential customers to test or train on custom, confidential data. They need to safeguard these intellectual assets, not only to protect their current market positioning but to also ensure the continued ability to monetize their products, invest in new research, and ideate ahead of challengers. Unauthorized access or replication by rivals could erode the very bedrock of an organization’s technological leadership, making robust protection measures crucial for preserving dominance in the fast-paced realm of artificial intelligence.

Conclusion: Privacy Protected AI Accelerates Growth & Satisfies Risk Concerns

Duality’s Privacy Protected AI Collaboration solution accelerates early model development through to the go-to-market efforts led by sales and marketing teams. Unlocking large volumes of diverse data allows teams to securely scale data ops to develop high-efficacy models. Replacing trust with technical safeguards enables AI vendors to swiftly demonstrate the value of their AI models, speeding sales cycles and significantly reducing the time to convert prospects into satisfied clients.  Invoking privacy-protecting measures is no longer just for compliance and legal risk, but for growth.

AI vendors benefit from:

  1. Faster time to market
  2. Improved model insights
  3. Increased customer confidence
  4. Shorter sale cycles

AI model users benefit from:

  1. Faster, realistic model evaluation
  2. Faster time to value
  3. Greater insights

For more information, contact our team of specialists to discuss your needs and how our platform can help.

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