60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

Rina Shainski, Co-founder and Chairwoman, Duality Technologies, shares that “Data must be protected and enforced by technology itself, not just by cyber or regulation. The very technology compromising our privacy must itself be leveraged to bring real privacy to this data-driven age.”

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Kurt Rohloff of Duality Technologies on the future of encryption

A pioneer in the world of cryptography, Kurt Rohloff discusses the business potential of homomorphic encryption…

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Machine Learning on Encrypted Data

Our CEO, Dr. Alon Kaufman, shares his thoughts on the use of machine learning on encrypted data.

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Walmart, Microsoft, AT&T-Backed Foundry Invests Millions in Encryption Pioneer

In the 1980s, Shafi Goldwasser co-invented “zero knowledge proofs,” a cryptographic breakthrough that, improbably, enables someone to prove a fact as true without revealing any information about that fact…

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