Infographic: Trade Finance Fraud

Trade financing is an essential part of business trade and the international economy. When misused, via duplicate trade financing/trade financing fraud, the losses incurred can run into the millions or even billions of dollars.

Here are a few facts about trade financing, trade financing fraud, and what steps can be taken to prevent fraud.

The Evolution of Information Sharing in Countering Finance Crime

In this Osterman Research supported webinar, Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, leads a discussion with Duality’s Vice President of Strategy, Ronen Cohen, and Head of the FFIS, Nick J. Maxwell on how their roles are helping financial institutions navigating the path to successfully leveraging regulations and technology to improve data sharing.

The Depth of Canada’s Fraud Crisis

In this video, Neil Ringwood, Associate Partner – Financial Crimes at IBM Canada, explains the depth and severity of Canada’s second pandemic: the fraud crisis.

Inter-bank Data Sharing, the New Frontier of Fraud Detection and Prevention

If banks could share their indicators of fraud and other data drawn from their customer account and device information rather than relying solely on their own data – without revealing identifying customer and device attributes – any apprehensions of inter-bank data sharing would quickly disappear.

Privacy Protection in Cross-Border Information Sharing

For this fireside chat, we invited privacy and compliance experts across law firms, leading banks and the FFIS think tank to discuss the business potential and regulatory challenges associated with cross-border data transfers, and present emerging technology solutions that can help institutions mitigate compliance risks.