Zero Footprint Investigations & Intelligence

Access New Data, Securely & Confidentially

Leverage commercial data and OSINT for zero-footprint investigations. Duality empowers agencies to conduct investigations and intelligence activities through secure and private access to third-party data. By operationalizing privacy-enhancing technologies, Duality facilitates secure data collaboration and analysis on third-party and sensitive data without the risk of unauthorized access. This means no need to purchase, move, or manage sensitive data for confidential use–all while ensuring the specifics of the investigation or mission remain confidential.

How we do it

Our Zero Footprint Investigation and Intelligence solution leverages quantum-safe cryptographic method (FHE) to facilitate secure and confidential data sharing and collaboration across borders and trust domains. (hi-low infrastructure)

Duality uses the leading open source for fully homomorphic encryption (AKA FHE), empowering data teams and data owners with tools for secure collaboration on sensitive data.

Speed and Scale of Data: PETs Unlock Efficiencies in Data

Lori Wade, Intelligence Community Chief Data Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, speaks with Kurt Rohloff, CTO and Co-founder of Duality Technologies, in a video interview about the critical nature of addressing the speed and scale of data operations. She discusses end-to-end data management, how it brings the intelligence community together, zero-trust architecture, collaboration across trust domains (high-low), and having a common data platform to foster secure data sharing, integration, and interoperability among partners and across government sectors.

Zero Footprint Investigations


Platform Solutions

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Financial Services

Enable privacy-preserving data collaborations across your entire financial ecosystem.

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Protect patient data across your healthcare network through privacy-preserving collaborations.

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Enable seamless, privacy-preserving data collaborations across government agencies.

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Transform your marketing strategies with data collaborations that respect privacy, driving digital advertising efforts with confidence and creativity.

Why Partner with Duality Technologies

Partnering with Duality Technologies provides a strategic advantage for your government agency in navigating the complexities of secure data sharing and analysis. Our data exchange platform prioritizes data privacy and security by utilizing advanced data encryption and privacy-enhancing technologies to ensure sensitive data in use can be analyzed without compromising confidentiality. Recognized and trusted by leading entities such as AWS, DARPA, Intel, Google, Oracle, IBM, and the World Economic Forum, our solutions are designed for seamless integration with existing systems and offer scalable, future-proof solutions that keep pace with evolving security threats, ensuring data remains protected against emerging risks.