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Duality Named Runner-up at the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest

It’s been an exciting journey, from applying for the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest, to being shortlisted for the top 10, and eventually being named runner-up, coming in second place ahead of the hundreds of start-ups in this prestigious competition.

A surprising nomination?
Our nomination as Innovation Leader by a panel of renowned infosec experts undoubtedly surprised some. Why?

With cybersecurity today still focuses primarily on visibility, threat detection and prevention, most of our competitors presented – not surprisingly – related preventive solutions, most featuring certain levels of automation. It was pretty safe to assume, as did one editor, that “odds are good that the winner of this year’s RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox will be a security automation player.”

Limiting action is the inherent nature of security and cybersecurity tools – just think of door locks and firewalls… Similarly, CISOs and their teams typically restrict business actions and practices – for good causes, obviously.

This is where Duality fundamentally differs from other infosec solutions and why we really stood out at the Sandbox: Duality is an enabler, bringing to the market a security solution that enables new and better business! Our technology powers a secure data economy where organizations can fully exploit AI and advanced analytics, without compromising data security or infringing regulations.  

The Duality team at RSAC, with Ron Rivest, the “R” of RSA.

Encryption is back, shaping the future of information security
Recognizing the business-enabling nature of the Duality solution, our nomination also reflects a certain rethink within the RSA Conference. RSAC started off in 1991 as a small encryption-centric convention, named after the famous RSA encryption method that essentially laid the security foundation for e-commerce. In the last decade, the conference has seen a shift in focus from encryption to detection and prevention methods. Security issues associated with the move to the cloud, as well as secure operations, became the focus. During the same period, the industry didn’t witness any major breakthroughs in commercially available encryption technology.
Duality, with its Duality offering, returns encryption to center stage. Similarly, just as RSA encryption fundamentally contributed to the rise of e-commerce, Duality ensures secure AI and collaborative analytics for today’s and tomorrow’s data economy. The 2019 Innovation Sandbox Contest definitely marks the beginning of a new era, acknowledging the significant advances in homomorphic encryption that make this technology a central component of secure, AI-powered computing.

In his wrap-up commentary on WEF Davos, Fortune magazine journalist Robert Hackett compared data privacy and AI as two inevitably colliding trends. But Duality’s homomorphic encryption technology is proof that companies can have their cake (protect their data) and eat it too (mine it).

Watch our winning pitch at the Sandbox final:

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