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Duality Technologies Launches Secure AI Solution in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Duality and Microsoft Azure

The new solution enables organizations to leverage sensitive data for AI development while protecting model IP and satisfying data privacy, security, and legal concerns by default.

HOBOKEN, N.J., March. 21, 2024 – Duality Technologies, the leader in secure data collaboration for enterprises and government agencies, today announced it has launched its Trustworthy AI solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Duality’s Privacy Protected AI solution integrates with Microsoft’s Confidential Computing allowing users to perform computations and train any type of artificial intelligence (AI) model on sensitive and 3rd party data while keeping both the model intellectual property (IP) and the data inputs secure and privacy-protected.

AI innovation is dependent on models being trained using the best existing data, but oftentimes, that data is not readily available to the organization. Duality’s solution directly supports “AI Collaboration”, which is the ability to operate on any data type, using any model or workload –  including data not immediately accessible by the model owner. A common example of this is needing to join multiple datasets from different sources to build high-efficacy models, or simply to customize a model with a business’s customer dataset.

“The partnership with Microsoft is not just a milestone for Duality, but for responsible model development. While everyone understands the good that will come from AI, there’s also the understanding that we need to proceed safely and responsibly,” said Adi Hirschstein, VP of product at Duality Technologies. “It’s not just about protecting the privacy of input data. There are serious IP concerns when building a model. The joint solution with Duality and Microsoft provides a clean solution wherein both the model IP and privacy of the input data are maintained and secured with specific governance controls and reporting.” 

While the Duality Platform is cloud agnostic, integration with services like Microsoft’s Confidential Computing makes securing and scaling data pipelines for advanced model development, inference training and customization far easier than before and in line with the demands of regulators and governing bodies.

“It’s a real benefit that we are not only a leader in applying these advanced security and privacy technologies to real-world solutions, but also a leader in their development,” said Prof. Kurt Rohloff, chief technical officer and co-founder of Duality. “This unique mashup puts us in a position to better satisfy customer workflows and toolsets. It’s very exciting to go back to customers with a bunch of green check boxes next to their requirements.”

Please visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to see Duality’s available solutions or visit our website to learn more about how Duality is supporting the sensitive data sharing landscape as a Microsoft partner.

About Duality Technologies

Duality is the leader in privacy enhanced secure data collaboration, empowering organizations worldwide to maximize the value of their data without compromising on privacy or regulatory compliance. Founded and led by world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists, Duality operationalizes privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) to accelerate data insights by enabling analysis and AI on sensitive data while protecting data privacy, compliance, and protecting valuable IP. A World Economic Forum (WEF) Tech Pioneer and a Gartner Cool Vendor, Duality is recognized by numerous industry awards, including Fast Company 2023 World Changing Ideas award, 2023 CyberTech 100 Most Innovative Companies list, 2022 CB Insights’ AI 100, the 2022 RegTech 100 Awards, and the AIFinTech100 2022 Awards. Learn more.

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