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It’s Not Just About Being a Cool Vendor. It’s About Gartner Creating a New Category.

We are thrilled to be nominated a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor in Privacy Preservation in Analytics.’ Indisputably, it’s a reason to celebrate when this renowned industry research firm includes you in one of its reports. But we are equally excited that Gartner has created the category ‘Privacy Preservation in Analytics.’ We founded Duality with the vision to build a solution that protects sensitive data during AI and analytics processes. As the debate surrounding privacy rages and data protection regulations are strengthening around the globe, the time is just right to bring to the market an innovative and practical solution that responds to the industry challenge astutely identified by Gartner.

So, now that “Privacy Preservation in Analytics” has been coined as a new category by Gartner, what is cool about Duality? Gartner defines Cool Vendors as innovative, impactful and intriguing. Let’s have a look:

Innovative: Duality pushes the boundaries of the possible by productizing homomorphic encryption (HE), a research discipline that has long been impractical for real-world computations due to the exorbitant computing power it required. Breaking down this practicality barrier, Duality has built the Duality platform that allows computing on data that remains encrypted, enabling privacy-preserving data science endeavors in finance, health care, IoT, automotive, and more.

Impactful: AI and data analytics are impacting society in many positive ways, but simultaneously are eroding privacy, leading to societal concerns and public opposition. The data protection regulations that have emerged in response address these concerns mainly by restricting data usage. Duality provides a practical solution that enables privacy-preserving data usage, allowing society and businesses to enjoy the benefits of ever-advancing AI without jeopardizing individuals’ privacy and enterprise confidentiality.

Intriguing: HE was developed by some of the world’s most brilliant computer science minds, including Turing-award winner Prof.  Shafi Goldwasser, one of Duality’s co-founders.
We often use the following analogy to explain HE: Imagine that you place the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a box, which you then lock and hand to somebody else. This person assembles the puzzle without unlocking the box and seeing the pieces. You then receive the box back and unlock it to see the assembled puzzle.
Sounds a bit like magic, right? Technically speaking, homomorphic encryption enables computations, including advanced analytics and Machine Learning, on encrypted data, assuring data privacy throughout the analytics cycle. HE allows multiple parties to collaborate on data without seeing each other’s assets, yet generates valuable insights from it. It certainly sounds like magic!

Since its inception, Duality has been about privacy-preserving AI and we are excited to offer this capability for a broad range of data science applications. Being a “Cool Vendor” is an important milestone in our journey towards a data-driven, privacy-enhanced future.

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