Global RegTech Summit 2022- Duality Interview

Duality’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Hughes, discusses key RegTech trends, operational risks face by financial institutions, and how to tackle the roadblocks that are hindering secure data collaboration at the 2022 Global RegTech Summit.

Data and Trust: In Our Opinion – Prof. Shafi Goldwasser and Prof. Daniel Weitzner

Recently, Professor Shafi Goldwasser, a co-founder of Duality Technologies, a Turing award and two-time Gödel Prize winner, interviewed Professor Daniel J. Weitzner, to discuss Internet privacy and public policy. Weitzner is the Director of the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative, principal research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab CSAIL, and professor of Internet public policy in MIT’s Computer Science Department.

Data and Trust: In Our Opinion – Rina Shainski and Jules Polonetsky

Jules Polonetsky is the CEO of The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a think tank based in Washington DC. FPF aims to serve as a platform for policymakers, industry leaders, and academics to come together and discuss emerging technologies and the privacy challenges that they pose.

Data and Trust: In Our Opinion – Rina Shainski and Prof. Shafi Goldwasser

Two Duality Technologies co-founders, Rina Shainski and Shafi Goldwasser, recently met to discuss cryptography. A two-time Gödel Prize and Turing Award winner, Goldwasser tells of her early interest and beginnings in the field. They then examine why the field has become so important in recent years and how Duality facilitates privacy in an increasingly data driven world.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and Sanctions

Economic sanctions are a hot-button topic recently – and it turns out that privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) can play a role in aiding the fight against this type of financial crime. Watch us interview Duality’s VP Strategy, Ronen Cohen, about where PETs and sanctions collide.

Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers

Join us for a riveting discussion about current issues in data privacy and privacy engineering in this fun interview with Nishant Bhajaria, author of the Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers and Director of Privacy Engineering at Uber.

Dr. Alon Kaufman: The Duality Story

How do you come to be in the Privacy Enhancing Technologies business? What kind of questions do they come to solve? Find out this and more in this sit-down with Dr. Alon Kaufman, CEO and Co-founder of Duality Technologies.

The Depth of Canada’s Fraud Crisis

In this video, Neil Ringwood, Associate Partner – Financial Crimes at IBM Canada, explains the depth and severity of Canada’s second pandemic: the fraud crisis.

Duality Runs Secure Encryption Platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Since moving its homomorphic encryption platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Duality set up a high-performance compute environment, using Intel IceLake and AMD EPYC CPUs, which is now helping its clients add scale to their computations, aggregate more data from more sources, and reduce their hardware, energy, and labor costs.