Leverage Commerical Data & OSINT for Zero Footprint Investigations

Duality empowers agencies to conduct zero-footprint investigations through secure and private access to third-party data. By operationalizing privacy-enhancing technologies, Duality facilitates secure data exchange and analysis of third-party data without the risk of unauthorized access or the need to move sensitive data onto their premises, purchase unnecessary data, or create new environments – all while ensuring the targets of the investigations, and the results of analyses are never exposed. This approach ensures the security of the investigations and the privacy of the results, leveraging best practices to prevent data breaches.

Data Strategies Need Efficiency from Technology Solutions, Not Processes

Lori Wade, Intelligence Community Chief Data Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, speaks with Kurt Rohloff, CTO and Co-founder of Duality Technologies, in a video interview about the critical nature of addressing the speed and scale of data operations. She discusses end-to-end data management, how it brings the intelligence community together, zero-trust architecture, collaboration across trust domains (high-low), and having a common data platform to foster secure data sharing, integration, and interoperability among partners and across government sectors.

The Problem

Investigators’ Data Problem

Data silos, privacy requirements, and data security measures impede collaboration across all government agencies. Whether it’s about financial crime, counter-terror, or other criminal investigations, investigators face challenges performing data and secure file transfers as they have to overcome multiple obstacles to access data and collaborate on sensitive information they need to solve their cases and get results. This challenge not only slows down the investigative process but also increases the risk of missing critical insights due to fragmented or inaccessible data, hindering the overall effectiveness of law enforcement and intelligence operations.

the solution

Complete the Investigation – Privacy Intact

Duality enables investigators across government agencies to securely and privately leverage data and personal information across multiple sources.

Duality empowers government agencies to unlock the value of sensitive data while maintaining mission confidentiality and complying with data privacy and security requirements. By operationalizing privacy enhancing technologies, Duality provides a secure data collaboration solution that enables efficient and effective collaboration across teams, agencies, jurisdictions, trust domains, and sectors.


Why Partner with Duality Technologies

Partnering with Duality Technologies provides a strategic advantage by up-leveling the speed and scale of data while increasing data protections and maintaining critical confidentiality. The Duality Secure Data Collaboration Platform incorporates data privacy and security by design by utilizing advanced software and hardware technologies like fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), among other PETs.

Recognized and trusted by leading entities such as AWS, DARPA, Intel, Google, Oracle, IBM, and the World Economic Forum, our solutions are designed for seamless integration with existing systems and offer scalable, future-proof solutions that keep pace with evolving security threats, ensuring government agency data remains protected against emerging risks.

By partnering with Duality Technologies, you will gain access to the world’s leading privacy-preserving technology platform delivering privacy guardrails to replace prohibitive and limiting process-driven workarounds. Duality is built by world-renowned cryptographers and data scientists. Our expertise in developing and operationalizing these technologies enables accelerated growth and success for any data-driven initiative, whether that includes secure querying of structured/unstructured data, descriptive analytics, or machine-learning and other AI model types.

For information on regulations, read the findings from the ICO’s and IMDA’s review of Duality’s Zero Footprint Solution in satisfying cross border data sharing and transfer requirements in various regions: US, UK, EU, India, and Singapore.

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