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PALISADE: An Open-Source Library for Encrypted Computing

Duality Technologies team members are both users and contributors to the PALISADE open-source lattice-encryption library. PALISADE is a modular library that supports flexible customization and deployment of encrypted computing technology.

PALISADE grew out of several R&D projects funded by the US Department of Defense to develop groundbreaking new encrypted computing technologies. PALISADE has been used in multiple industry-run encrypted computing applications and prototyping activities overseen by the US Department of Defense.  Sponsors of PALISADE’s development include several DARPA, IARPA and ARL projects, along with foundation grants from the Sloan Foundation and the Simons Foundation.  From its inception, PALISADE has been developed with a view for application and integration in large privacy-critical software systems.  It comes with implementations of industry-standard approaches for unit testing and benchmarking so users can easily validate software quality assurance.

A major benefit of PALISADE is that it supports post-quantum encryption protocols, meaning that these protocols are resistant to attacks even from quantum computing devices.  PALISADE has a core library of lattice cryptography primitives that support multiple protocols for post-quantum public-key encryption, homomorphic encryption, digital signature schemes, proxy re-encryption and more. The PALISADE library is portable into commodity computing and hardware environments, including Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android environments. The PALISADE library has no major external software library dependencies.

PALISADE contributors have been involved since the beginning in industry consortium standards activities for secure homomorphic encryption technologies.  Duality Technologies continues to support these standardization efforts in general, and the conformance of its PALISADE-derived products in particular.

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