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Extracting Value from Data: Capitalizing on Insights

During the last webinar, “Extracting Value from Your Data: Capitalizing on Insights, Not Privacy,” CBO Michael Hughes and VP Strategy Ronen Cohen dove into the practical applications and factors organizations must consider when leveraging their data from multiple sources.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  1. Enterprises are undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift on how data is stored, viewed, utilized, and more importantly who is accessing it. As enterprises move to a more collaborative-centric mindset, they will need to deploy that provides the ability to utilize multiple privacy-preserving technologies (PETs).
  2. Deploying an end-to-end privacy-preserving data sharing platform requires organizations to consider:
    1. the nuances of the regulations that apply in the places you want to share data
    2. Determining which data points need to remain private
    3. Determining who gets access to what information
    4. Ensuring the appropriate consent

Adopting and maintaining the reporting regulatory and compliance requirements Ronen expanded upon the various use cases for privacy enhancing technologies, including investigations into fraud, money laundering, and duplicate trade financing, as well as examples using real-world healthcare data and beyond.

To learn more details about the practical applications of PETs for business, watch the full webinar below.

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