2022 PETs Summit Highlights and Insights

The PETs landscape continues to expand. I witnessed this  in early April at the PETs Summit in Zurich,  and I experienced that expansion again in May at their North American event in Boston. The North American PETs (Privacy Enhancing Technologies) Summit presented an opportunity for us to get a glimpse into how the Privacy Enhancing […]

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning (PPML)

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning (PPML) is a technique to prevent data leakage in machine learning algorithms. PPML employs many privacy-enhancing strategies to allow multiple input sources to collaboratively train ML models without exposing private or sensitive data. Artificial intelligence (AI) dominates the digital transformation in business today. 86% of CEOs reported that AI was considered […]

Data Privacy: A Runbook for Engineers

The following is an interview with Nishant Bhajaria, privacy author and Director of Data Privacy Engineering at Uber. Answers have been edited slightly for clarity.  Kurt Rohloff, CTO of Duality: Would you just maybe say a few words about yourself, your background and what you’re trying to achieve in your book, Data Privacy: A Runbook […]

How To Share Financial Intelligence Under GDPR – 3 Key Takeaways

While financial regulators increasingly call for information sharing within the industry, data privacy compliance poses barriers to inter-institutional and cross-border collaboration. In this challenging situation, new Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs) can help enable secure data sharing without compromising privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.  We brought industry experts together for a fireside chat on Financial Intelligence Sharing […]

Duality Welcomes Jim Richards to its Advisory Board

We are honored to welcome Jim Richards to the Duality Advisory Board. Jim is the Founder and Principal of RegTech Consulting and has three decades of experience in leading anti-financial-crimes programs at large banks. Prior to forming RegTech Consulting in April 2018, Jim was an Executive Vice-President, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Officer, and Global […]

It’s Not Just About Being a Cool Vendor. It’s About Gartner Creating a New Category.

We are thrilled to be nominated a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor in Privacy Preservation in Analytics.’ Indisputably, it’s a reason to celebrate when this renowned industry research firm includes you in one of its reports. But we are equally excited that Gartner has created the category ‘Privacy Preservation in Analytics.’ We founded Duality with the vision […]

Why it is Time to Standardize Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

A group of computer scientists shocked the media last month when they proved, yet again, the inadequacy of de-identification as a means to protect the privacy of shared data. The findings came as little surprise to experts in privacy technologies.  This pressing need to protect privacy, including against re-identification, motivates us at Duality to provide […]

Duality Named Runner-up at the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest

It’s been an exciting journey, from applying for the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest, to being shortlisted for the top 10, and eventually being named runner-up, coming in second place ahead of the hundreds of start-ups in this prestigious competition. A surprising nomination? Our nomination as Innovation Leader by a panel of renowned infosec experts undoubtedly […]

Big Data and Privacy

As we discussed in an earlier blog post, big data firms have made it their business to commercialize our personal data. This is neither surprising nor revelatory, as user data is the primary asset of these firms. That being said, the recent exposure of the Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data has begun to have […]

Facebook, Privacy and the Business of Data

Recent revelations from Facebook have highlights again how the business of data puts the privacy of wide populations at risk. Many of the largest and most successful companies, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and more build highly profitable businesses by deriving insights from our personal information to better sell us products. More efficient sales and […]

Hybrid Methods for Encrypted Computing

In the design of Duality Insights, we are often faced with an encrypted computing scenario where there are two entities, a model-owning organization that holds a machine learning model and a data owning organization that holds data that it wants to be classified using the model (a very similar scenario arises in the Duality Collaboration […]

Homomorphic Encryption Standardization

In addition to becoming widely used in practice, homomorphic encryption is also in the process of being standardized.  Duality Technologies has been a leader in this effort, but we’ve had many brand-name partners in the effort who all see it in their interest to use standardized homomorphic encryption technologies, like the open-source PALISADE technologies that […]

Proxy Re-Encryption for Encrypted Computing

A challenge with prior attempts to commercialize and apply homomorphic encryption is that the output of computations on encrypted data is also encrypted, and the output can be decrypted only with the secret key of the data owner.  If the data owner wants to share the results of a computation, the data owner previously had […]

Homomorphic Encryption – Making it Real

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), commonly also referred to as Homomorphic Encryption, is arguably the first and primary breakthrough in theoretical computer science of the 21st century.  For a long time people would use encryption technologies to protect their data.  But if the data was encrypted, whoever holds the data is not really able to do […]